Cling On Point Brush - PS14
Cling On!

Cling On Point Brush - PS14

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Cling On! Brush - PS14 Point Brush

Cling-On brushes are a must have in hand painting. Long lasting, no shed, and brush stroke eliminating!

CLING ON! Brush Tips -Let your bristles absorb some water prior to use. Some say, let your brush “Get its feet wet”. Lightly wring out or spin brush handle between hands to remove excess water prior to use. -Store your brush in water when not in use. A little water in the bottom of a mason jar and a chip clip attached to the handle to keep bristles suspended, will provide an excellent home for your brush and make cleanup a breeze. -Dip the tips of bristles in a little water while painting if the paint seems to be drying on the bristles. This is especially useful while working outdoors and will help promote the flawless brush stroke free finish.