Fusion Mineral Paint Fan Deck Insert (2023)

Fusion Mineral Paint Fan Deck Insert (2023)

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Fusion Mineral Paint Fan Deck Insert.

Already have one of our older fan decks? Want to add the newest colours? Simply add this set to your existing fan deck! This New Colours Add-On includes: 9 colours from the 2022 collection and 7 colours from this years 2023 colour collection.

This ADD-ON pack comes with a new pin to accommodate the add-on 13 colours. Just unscrew the old one add your new colour inserts and screw in the simple to use new one!

Cambridge, Carriage House, Cast Iron, Chestler, Conservatory, Elderberry, Everett, Highlander, Manor Green, Parchment, Newell, Oakham, Wellington, Willowbank, Winchester, Woodwick.