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Waverley Antique Bazaar
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Pickers Retro Haven
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Easy Wax - Black

Easy Wax - Black

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Artisan Easy Wax makes sealing, cleaning and maintaining hand painted furniture and waxed raw wood finishes super easy. Easy wax is a liquid combination of pure Australian  beeswax and natural tree oils. It protects surfaces against water marking and staining. The combination of the beeswax and the tree oil nourishes timber and rejuvenates dried out surfaces. Pleasantly scented with essential oils, the advanced anti smear formula means Artisan Easy wax is easy to apply, easy to buff and leaves no sticky residue. Easy wax works beautifully on ornately carved  furniture and mirrors as it leaves no waxy build up. Simply wipe on, leave to dry and buff. All handmade in Australia using Australian ingredients.